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Cup icon Matchbox Coffeeshop MC Interior picture of the coffee shop

It's called "Matchbox" because it really is tiny. It is like NYC tiny. There is one comunal table with a few on a small patio in back . The coffee and tea are good and there are a few baked goods for snacking. They take only cash. Plenty quirky and good for picking up something to go. The cool kids seem to take their coffee across the street and recline on the church steps.

Matchbox Coffeeshop
1209 Tyler St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Cup icon Mojo Coffee Gallery MJ Interior picture of the coffee shop

It's hard to describe the wealth of decoration at Mojo Coffee Gallery. It must have been a fun exercise to collect all of the aircraft, instruments and artifacts that hang from the ceiling and walls. Many are for sale. This gives it a very freeing and creative vibe. Might be a good place to write some fiction or just daydream. The shop offers typical coffees and teas along with a selection of Latin-tinged food cooked on-site. A lot of tables and a good-sized, shaded outdoor space invite solo people or small groups to linger. Sometimes there is live music on the weekend.

Mojo Coffee Gallery
2205 California Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cup icon Cuppa Java CJ Interior picture of the coffee shop

Cuppa Java is one of the best neighborhood shops in the city. It's a busy place with people coming in steadily until the lunch rush is done. They have a full kitchen and prepare good food to order. Coffee and drinks are just fine. What makes it special is the real neighborhood feel with all kinds of people coming in to get something and to stay and enjoy it. There's retirees having a Koffee Klatch. Parents with kids. People having meetings. And a few solitary types doing their reading and work. The staff is genuinely warm and appreciates that you came. A few tables on the sidewalk. Most of the tables are smaller so no place for a four-people w/laptops session. Drop in for coffee and a apple fritter with a friend.

Cuppa Java
400 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Cup icon Five Watt Coffee Kingfield 5W Interior picture of the coffee shop

For a lot of people, Five Watt on Nicollet is exactly what a coffee shop should be. The drinks are innovative, delicious and made with care. A nice asortment of pastries. What really makes it a top coffee shop is the atmosphere. People enjoy being there, which starts with a great staff, and that spreads. The clientel tends to be younger but all are welcome. It's very popular and hard to get a table after 9AM or so. It's not unusual to see strangers sharing tables which all have outlets. The design is simple and appealing with a few patio tables along Nicollet and a garage door opened on nice days. Coffee shop perfection!

Five Watt Coffee Kingfield
3745 Nicollet Ave S.
Mpls, Minn. 55409
Cup icon Sovereign Grounds SG Interior picture of the coffee shop

This shop is a great neighborhood spot. The back room is set up as a childrens playroom and that gets a lot of use. The owner clearly enjoys the kids. The shop has a full kitchen and a big selection of baked goods including some gluten-free options. They also have sandwiches and salads to grab to-go. The coffee is fine enough. It'd be a good spot to meet local friends. There are children at play and the expected noisy and unhappy ones. There's constant, boisterous activity and, if that will bother you, you'll be happier someplace else. I wouldn't plan any type of serious meeting here. I think it's a happy place to be.

Sovereign Grounds
813 East 48th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Cup icon Five Watt E. Hennipen 5E Interior picture of the coffee shop

Five Watt does it again! Another great coffee shop. Always a good visit and very often busy. Not too far from the "U" campus so popular with college kids. The beverage offerings are top-notch with a few good bakery items. The space has a fun industrial feel. That's cemented by one side facing some major train tracks. This is a special bonus if you like to see trains and sometimes two-at-a-time. A fair number of tables and all have outlets. There's a parking lot for the building so there always a place to park but maybe not a place to sit. A few counter-style spots so 1 more person can fit but likely tough for a planned meeting of 3 or more.

Five Watt E. Hennipen
861 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Cup icon Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery DN Interior picture of the coffee shop

This shop has a modern and austere feel. Maybe "industrial" is more apt. It contains the company roastery which contributes to that. The space has about a dozen 2-person study carrels that are, unsurprisingly, popular with students. There are also some couches and 4-person booths. Out front is a large patio for the temperate months. The coffee is very good and they've got a few really nice baked goods. A plus is an ample parking lot. A good place to do some work or get a coffee. If you like both, then it's a winner. Curiously, it's a stones-throw from a Spyhouse which is often busy and noisy with sociable people. This shop is cool and quiet in comparison.

Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery
1209 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Cup icon The Coffee Shop Northeast NE Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a good neighborhood shop tucked into the Northeast corner of Northeast Minneapolis. It's bigger inside than the storfront suggests. The space is fairly plain and the tables are mostly 4-tops. That reflects it's balance towards being a restaurant at mealtimes. The shop features a kitchen and the food is good. Coffee is fine with good espresso drinks and smoothies. The feel is that the neighbors are coming in to relax and meet friends. Busy over lunchtime. A nice place to visit and do a bit of work although outlets are scarce. Easy to get a table off-peak for spreading out or having a meeting.

The Coffee Shop Northeast
2852 Johnson St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cup icon Dunn Brothers - Freight House D3 Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a great gem downtown. The first floor is a standard Dunn Brothers with a few tables and the signature coffee roaster. What makes this special is the spacious, attractive upstairs. A lot of places to enjoy your coffee and a muffin. A good number of tables for four people so a great spot to take a meeting or prep for one. There's also a table for 8. A special bonus is that the shop has a small, free parking lot. It is well-used but makes dropping in easy to do. The staff is busy and effective as they need to be.

Dunn Brothers - Freight House
201 3rd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Cup icon Caffetto Coffee House CF Interior picture of the coffee shop

Caffetto is different and amazing. It's very much an urban shop with a lot of alternative clientel. The coffee and drinks are good. There's pastries and food to be had and home made-style desserts. There'll be pie or cake and maybe tirimisu in the case. Delicious. It's got a lot of tables but will still get full with students studying and people with an afternoon to spend. The walls will have odd art and there's unusual music. There's a sort of decrepit '50s steak house feel with a collection of ship paintings in the bar area. The basement has pinball machines and a ping-pong table along with two scary, grafitti-covered bathrooms.

Caffetto Coffee House
708 W 22nd St, Minneapolis
MN 55405
Cup icon SK Coffee Whittier SK Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a small, neighborhood shop along Lyndale that offers high-end coffees. The coffee is often specially sourced by the company and can be very tasty and interesting. They've got an assortment of snacks for sale. It can be tough to park as there's none along 24th outside the shop. Still, a good place to get a cup and settle in for a while. There are about a dozen 2-person tables and, usually, one is available. Busier in the morning and quiet in the afternoon.

SK Coffee Whittier
2401 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Cup icon Isles Bun and Coffee IB Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a combination bakery and coffee shop that has a tub of frosting at the condiment station. It's a sudden favorite! The shop smells delicious from the sidewalk. They do specialize in buns like hot cross buns and cinnamon rolls. All are baked right there. There are a few tables on the sidewalk along 28th, just around the corner from Hennepin. Parking can be tough but if you're Uptown, just walk over. Not a lot of tables and outlets inside but, with a tub of frosting, who cares?

Isles Bun and Coffee
1424 West 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Wesley Andrews WA Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a serious coffee shop. Not an extensive drink menu but they make them properly. The coffees are made with unusual beans and getting a pour-over is higly recommended. The shop is on the smaller side. They look to encourage people to be more communal. A few bakery snacks are available including Bogarts doughnuts that are on-sale after 3. The shop is near MCAD and attracts those young artist types. Street parking only and that can be a bit tight. It's better for neighborhood people but could draw you in for a fine cup. A turntable is prominently on the counter and is often in use. Happy Hour is 4-6 with $2 pastries and $1 Bogart doughnuts! A good shop for a small group, or some solo work, along with a fine cup.

Wesley Andrews
111 East 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Cup icon Royal Grounds Coffee RG Interior picture of the coffee shop

A nice, little shop tucked in the middle of Kingfield. This shop has a good neighborhood feel. Pleasant staff that are happy to see you. Good coffee, tea and drinks. They bake a good variety of breads, cookies and snacks from scratch. A nice selection of gutten-free items, too. They offer breakfast and lunch as well. Not terribly big but you can usually get a table. They have a few tables on the shady sidewalks. A good place for the locals who parade in with their kids, dogs and friends.

Royal Grounds Coffee
4161 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Cup icon Butter Bakery Caf BC Interior picture of the coffee shop

Butter Bakery Caf is an appealing place for a good meal and to relax. It really emphasises its kitchen. They're into local and sustainable cooking. Lots of healthy options. The shop itself has a spare, modern feel with natural wood tables and lots of natural lighting. A few larger tables for groups and a fair number of small tables for pairs and singles. There's a parking lot in back. Can be busy early and at lunch but often space is available otherwise.

Butter Bakery Caf
3700 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Cup icon Duck Duck Coffee DD Interior picture of the coffee shop

Duck Duck grey duck! This is a nice shop tucked along 38th at Cedar. The usual assortment of coffees and teas done well. They have some food for sale and make sandwiches on-site. The shop is on the small side with maybe a eight tables for two. A fun "Riot Grrrrl" feel to the shop with some quirky art and decorations. Parking along the street can be tight but there'll be a spot nearby. A nice shop for solo work or meeting a friend.

Duck Duck Coffee
1830 E 38TH ST.
Cup icon Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar SS Interior picture of the coffee shop

Sisters' Sludge is a comfortable, neighborhood shop. Seems like most of the customers are people who've walked over. It's fairly large as the shop has two halves: coffee shop and wine bar. Lots of tables and outlets. The shop has the standard selection of coffee drinks and brews. They've got a simple kitchen and have a good assortment of baked goods. The staff, including the sisters, are warm and welcoming. Not remarkable coffee but enjoyable. Overall, a nice coffee shop that's got something for everyone although hip coffee snobs will be disappointed.

Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar
3746 23rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cup icon Fireroast Cafe FC Interior picture of the coffee shop

Fireroast is another good local coffee shop. It's tucked into the Longfellow neighborhood in an old corner store. They have good food prepared in the kitchen along with snacks and desserts. It's a bit on the small side and sometimes busy. Counters along the windows are always open and a delightful, albeit outlet-free, patio for the summer. It's not far from The Riverview Theater and a good place to catch a meal before, or after, a show.

Fireroast Cafe
3800 37th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Cup icon Spyhouse Coffee Northeast SN Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a decent shop. Well decorated and the coffee and snacks are above average. It's inside a multi-tenant build and is smaller than it looks from the outside. There's parking around back and street spots. Usually busy and can be tough to find a table especially for 3+ people.

Spyhouse Coffee Northeast
945 Broadway St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Cup icon Cosmic Coffee CO Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a nice, quiet place to relax with a warm cup. It's a very friendly and the staff makes you feel welcome. Their customers include a lot of neighbors. Good food for breakfast and lunch made in the kitchen while you wait. Good home-baked goods. It doesn't have a lot of tables but isn't too busy outside of early and lunch rushes. There are tables out back for warm days. They close at noon some days so check ahead.

Cosmic Coffee
3301 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cup icon Carma Coffee CR Interior picture of the coffee shop

Hip and arty in Northeast? Maybe a bit. Carma is a fairly simple place with a clean and spare design. Some automotive touches make it fun. They offer a full menu and it's good. Snacks and cookies. Not many tables for the space. Perfect for that stand-up meeting? Well, it's welcoming and comfortable.

Carma Coffee
520 Lowry Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cup icon SiP Coffeebar SC Interior picture of the coffee shop

SiP Coffeebar is an OK place to get a cup. Kind of an austere, "Euro" feel with a few small tables. The back part looks like a waiting room and the feel, overall, is a bit worn. Their drinks are fine and they offer a variety of food. Regular coffee shop snacks plus soup and sandwiches from a panini grill. It's good for some solo work but doesn't accomodate more than two in a meeting. It's tucked into part of the Grain Belt complex and is a good spot for people who work in it to take a coffee break.

SiP Coffeebar
34 13th Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Cup icon Spyhouse Coffee Uptown SU Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is the Spyhouse outlet on Hennepin. It's called "Uptown" but is North of there. It's nicely styled and serves a good cup. They have a sparse selection of baked goods. The emplyees are a bit cool and always seem to be new. It's often busy and in the afternoon there may not be a seat to be had. Not a lot of space for larger parties. The back room is quiet but the Wi-Fi is spotty there. Brewed coffee re-fills are full price. Popular with 20-somethings.

Spyhouse Coffee Uptown
2404 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Cup icon Bob's Java Hut BJ Interior picture of the coffee shop

Bob's Java Hut is a basic coffee shop with a motorcycle theme. The parking spaces along 27th are "Reserved for motorcycles." The decor is more Ducati than Harley. The coffee is good enough with a few snacks in the case. A fair number of tables with some outside along Lyndale and along 27th. The shop has a favorite feature: garage door front. Always nice to bring the outdoors in during the summer.

Bob's Java Hut
2651 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Dunn Brothers - Hennipen Avenue DH Interior picture of the coffee shop

Temporarily closed! (At least the guy on the bus bench said that.) This Dunn Bros is a nice neighborhood place. Seems like a leisurely pace with people coming from the nearby areas. It doesn't have many tables but always a spot to sit. There are some tables along 34th. Street for nice weather. The shop has typical Dunn Bros offerings including some in-house cooking for hot sandwiches and baking. There's parking in back. A fair spot for stopping in for a coffee, quiet work or meeting a friend or two.

Dunn Brothers - Hennipen Avenue
3348 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Woullet Bakery and Coffee Shop WU Interior picture of the coffee shop

This outplet of the well-kown Woullet Bakery operates as a coffee shop with a good selection of their baked goods. Opening hours seem to be sporadic. Still, get your slice of delicous cake and a coffee here.

Woullet Bakery and Coffee Shop
822 W Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Lake and Bryant Caf LB Interior picture of the coffee shop

Lake and Bryant Caf is a restaurant with a coffee shop feel. The owners are friendly and placing to have more emphasis on breafast and lunch. They're baking and cooking on-site with some Indian and Indian-tinged dishes offered. A good number of 2-person tables. There's a central fireplace that attracts readers and a larger table for groups. This shop has its own parking lot so good for meetings.

Lake and Bryant Caf
821 W Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Boiler Room Coffee BR Interior picture of the coffee shop

The Boiler Room just may have been a boiler room. It's a few steps down from the sidewalk and kind of hidden, mid-block, below an aparment building. Easy to miss. It's a decent place to grab a cup and enjoy some coffee shop activities. It's a bit on the small side with a few tables, a few booths and a small "living room" section. They offer the usual drinks and a selection of baked good and sandwiches. A fun addition is a waffle maker. Get your waffle on here! Tastes as good as it smells. Sparse parking on the street but most customers seem to be wandering in from the area.

Boiler Room Coffee
1830 3rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Cup icon Jones Coffee - Fulton JF Interior picture of the coffee shop

The location of Jones Coffee is a good-enough coffee stop. It's a former Dunn Brothers and retains the coffee roaster. The coffee is nicely done and the staff is cordial and effective. The space is fairly large with a good number of tables. It's a neighborhood shop and the regulars come in for their usuals and to visit. Something that's fun are the kids gathering before school. The shop is near two junior highs and they dribble, be teens, and suddenly disappear about 9. I'm not sure an iced mocha is the right thing for a 13yo at any time, but they're getting them. Usually a quiet place with a spare table. Nice for a meeting or getting work done. There's a small parking lot tucked in the back.

Jones Coffee - Fulton
5008 Xerxes Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Cup icon Canteen 3255 C3 Interior picture of the coffee shop

Toast! This is a good coffee shop and it's unique feature is that you can buy varieties of toast on weekends. There's a selection of pastries and rolls as well. Good coffee and drinks. What's not to like? Well, the help can be frosty if you're not a hip regular. The shop has a back room with a lot of space for sturying and working. A small patio out back. I think this is a great spot for students. This is a former Urban Bean location and has that austere design.

Canteen 3255
3255 Bryant Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Five Watt Coffee Lyndale 5L Interior picture of the coffee shop

Another good Five Watt shop with the usual fine drinks and tasty pasties. They've left the space alone from when it was Bull Run and then Vicinity. Plenty of 2-top tables with outlets. The quiet back room has a garage door that may be open in good weather. A quiet atmoshpere compared to their Nicollet shop. A good place for a coffee and to spend some time. The customers are a broad mix and everyone will feel welcome.

Five Watt Coffee Lyndale
3350 Lyndale Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Gigi's Caf GG Interior picture of the coffee shop

Gigi's Caf is puts an emphasis on their food. It has a full kitchen and offers a complete menu. The food is good with breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and desserts aplenty. The coffee is good, too. The atmosphere is very much a neighborhood shop. Many tables with small groups and couples settled in for a while to talk and enjoy something to eat. The shop has a large room with many tables. Even when busy there'll be a table. Parking can be tough but there's a small lot in back.

Gigi's Caf
822 W 36th St
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Cup icon Shortwave Coffee SW Interior picture of the coffee shop

Shortwave, surprisingly, is part of a small, 4-shop national chain. The shop has a clean, modern dcor with a handful of tables. The beverages are average and typical. A good enough place to drop in for a coffee.

Shortwave Coffee
824 W 50th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Cup icon Northern Coffeeworks NC Interior picture of the coffee shop

Northern Coffeeworks is with an enjoyable coffee bar. (The Angry Catfish bicycle shop is now around the corner.) A good selection of snacks to go with their drinks. It has a mellow vibe and they take their coffee seriously. The preparation and presentation is done with care. Not a lot of space for tables but enough. A few tables for meetings or they can be shared with other people. Street parking available.

Northern Coffeeworks
4208 28th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Cup icon Selam Coffee SC Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a basic shop with a few tables. The owners are Ethopian but, unfortunately, they don't feature Ethiopian coffee. The staff is always pleasant and welcoming. It doesn't seem to be too busy at any time. A good spot for a coffee which is what they're aiming for.

Selam Coffee
3860 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Cup icon Milkweed Coffee Shop MW Interior picture of the coffee shop

Milkweed Coffee Shop has taken over the space of the former Blue Moon. The shop has been remodled to be modern and clean. They're offering the typical coffee shop drinks and a variety of food made on-site. Their specialty is paninis. It's an inviting place for some work, quiet time or meeting friends.

Milkweed Coffee Shop
3822 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Cup icon Diamonds Coffee Shoppe DC Interior picture of the coffee shop

This shop is in a colorful old industrial building and has a really fun retro motif. The rating is low, though, because the staff has been consistently cold if not rude on multiple visits. That expectation is established. The coffee was OK. They have snacks and food but it isn't notably good or interesting. The place is fairly small and uses the large back hall as extra space. During the winter, that hall can be uncomfortably warm. Not recommended.

Diamonds Coffee Shoppe
1618 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN
Cup icon Spyhouse Coffee Whittier SN Interior picture of the coffee shop

This is a nice coffeeshop but it's not recommended. This chain is successful as there are six locations, but the attitude is off-putting here. The coffee is good and they've got nice pastries. The staff has mostly good people but some have an attitude of being too good for their jobs and not caring about the customers.Suffering MCAD students/artists? No matter. Refills are full-price. Appealing tables on the sidewalk. Often busy with students studying and a tough neighborhood to find parking.

Spyhouse Coffee Whittier
2451 Nicollet Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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