Coffee cup with steam rising Cuppa Java

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Coffee cup with foam like a flower

Cuppa Java is one of the best neighborhood shops in the city. It's a busy place with people coming in steadily until the lunch rush is done. They have a full kitchen and prepare good food to order. Coffee and drinks are just fine. What makes it special is the real neighborhood feel with all kinds of people coming in to get something and to stay and enjoy it. There's retirees having a Koffee Klatch. Parents with kids. People having meetings. And a few solitary types doing their reading and work. The staff is genuinely warm and appreciates that you came. A few tables on the sidewalk. Most of the tables are smaller so no place for a four-people w/laptops session. Drop in for coffee and a apple fritter with a friend.

Cuppa Java
400 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405