Coffee cup with steam rising Five Watt E. Hennipen

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Coffee cup with foam like a flower

Five Watt does it again! Another great coffee shop. Always a good visit and very often busy. Not too far from the "U" campus so popular with college kids. The beverage offerings are top-notch with a few good bakery items. The space has a fun industrial feel. That's cemented by one side facing some major train tracks. This is a special bonus if you like to see trains and sometimes two-at-a-time. A fair number of tables and all have outlets. There's a parking lot for the building so there always a place to park but maybe not a place to sit. A few counter-style spots so 1 more person can fit but likely tough for a planned meeting of 3 or more.

Five Watt E. Hennipen
861 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414