Coffee cup with steam rising Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery

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Coffee cup with foam like a flower

This shop has a modern and austere feel. Maybe "industrial" is more apt. It contains the company roastery which contributes to that. The space has about a dozen "study carrels" that are, appropriately, popular with students. Each holds 2 people. There's a large patio for the temperate months. The coffee is very good and they've got a few really nice baked goods. A plus is an ample parking lot. A good place to do some work and coffee. If you like both, then it's a winner. Curiously, it's a stones-throw from a Spyhouse which is often busy and noisy with sociable people. This shop is cool and quiet in comparison.

Dogwood Coffee Northeast & Roastery
1209 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413