Coffee cup with steam rising Jones Coffee - Fulton

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Coffee cup with foam like a flower

The location of Jones Coffee is a good-enough coffee stop. It's a former Dunn Brothers and retains the coffee roaster. The coffee is nicely done and the staff is cordial and effective. The space is fairly large with a good number of tables. It's a neighborhood shop and the regulars come in for their usuals and to visit. Something that's fun are the kids gathering before school. The shop is near two junior highs and they dribble, be teens, and suddenly disappear about 9. I'm not sure an iced mocha is the right thing for a 13yo at any time, but they're getting them. Usually a quiet place with a spare table. Nice for a meeting or getting work done. There's a small parking lot tucked in the back.

Jones Coffee - Fulton
5008 Xerxes Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410